Killer Quads | No Shoulder Weight

So I was in Las Vegas last week for a work conference and didn’t have much time to actually get in the gym to lift. I was active, before our sessions started in the mornings a couple of coworkers and I would run Las Vegas Blvd. with some of our clients for cardio. However, getting back in to my workout split this week has been painful. My chiropractor noticed that my body was insanely stiff from not doing much of anything, so he recommended that I get back in the gym (this was the beginning of the weekend), so I hopped in the gym and did a total arm workout just to try and loosen my muscles back up. Avi and I ended up taking a overnight trip over to St. Augustine for the long weekend, so that Saturday was the only day in a little over a week that I had been in the gym to lift.

I headed in to the gym Tuesday to get my routine going again, and was feeling strong, but when I woke up on Wednesday I was feeling it. I also switched my split so I could get two good leg days in, so Wednesday I hit glutes, woke up Thursday and could barely walk (it’s a good sore though!). So for today (Friday), I decided that since almost every muscle group is sore I am going to work my anterior leg muscles (quads) and abs, since they are the least sore. My back is really sore so I didn’t want to do anything with weight on or above my shoulders, and I wanted really, really low impact cardio. Below is the workout I derived for today and used one of Whitney Simmons’ HIIT treadmill routines (check her Instagram for the workout) to finish off my quads. Try it out and let me know what you think, just remember, as little rest as possible in between each set and no rest in between in exercises.

Enjoy, XoXo

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 2.58.39 PM

5×10 – 3 exercises

Track Lunges – How to Video

Leg Extensions

Reverse Lunges (if you want/need to use weight add it in)

5×10 – 3 exercises

Split Squats (add weight if needed)

Leg Extensions

Pistol Squats – How to Video

Finish with some 15mins of quad killing cardio

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