“It worked for me!”

Since I have started getting more involved with fitness I have been experimenting with new things. For example, with my nutrition, I have tried high carb, low carb, carb cycling, and SO many other things. Why do we find ourselves constantly trying to find something better? I know for me I found something that trialAndErrorreally worked, which is well balanced nutrition. I see some of the people that I follow on my social media accounts that are trying other things, and I constantly say to myself, “WOW! Look at how their body has changed recently!” So I started looking to see what they did differently, which starts the cycle of trying something new again.

The joy of this is seeing how your body reacts to different things. I found that too many grams of protein did not do my body any good, but it worked really well for some of the people that I know. So because it worked for someone else, but not me, does this mean I should give up on my fitness goals, because now I wasted so much time and energy?
I gained weight because I tried something different, do I quit?


It hasn’t been easy for me either, I get it. But starting from the point where you are now is so much easier then going backwards, then really deciding you are not happy, and trying to climb back up. I always mention that nutrition is mostly trial and error, there are so many different combinations that a person can try. Let it play out! See if you have a good response to it, if not, think of it as a reset for your body. Just go back to what you know has worked for you previously, stay with that focus for a while, then if you decide there is something that is a good fit for you to experiment with, give something else another try.

Nothing is cookie cutter and set in stone, every body is built differently, so what works for me, may not necessarily work for you. If you like what someone else does and it works so well for them, another option is to take what they do and tweak it so it fits your body, your lifestyle, and your goals. Don’t be afraid to go out and try to smash some of your goals by trying something new. It’s like when you try a new type of working out, i.e. crossfit, you would be amazed at what muscles you thought you were working in the gym, but get worked twice as much when they are used in a different way.

Be Dissident. Be You!


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